Laia Balcells


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Department of Government

Georgetown University

Territorial disputes and affective polarization

Journal article

Laia Balcells, L. Daniels, Alexander Kuo
European Journal of Political Research, 2023

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Balcells, L., Daniels, L., & Kuo, A. (2023). Territorial disputes and affective polarization. European Journal of Political Research.

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Balcells, Laia, L. Daniels, and Alexander Kuo. “Territorial Disputes and Affective Polarization.” European Journal of Political Research (2023).

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Balcells, Laia, et al. “Territorial Disputes and Affective Polarization.” European Journal of Political Research, 2023.

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  title = {Territorial disputes and affective polarization},
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Can territorial disputes within countries be a basis for affective polarization? If so, how does it vary across territories? A burgeoning literature on affective polarization has largely focused on partisan divisions; we argue that contentious political issues such as those relating to territorial integrity can also be a basis for such affective polarization, where citizens feel concord with those sharing such policy preferences and animus for those who do not. We specify hypotheses about territorial‐policy‐based affective polarization and bring comparative survey evidence from three European regions with salient and contentious territorial claims: Scotland, Catalonia and Northern Ireland. While these three cases encompass different outcomes of territorial disputes, our results show strikingly similar levels of affective polarization.

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