Laia Balcells


Curriculum vitae

Department of Government

Georgetown University


[Kindly cite corresponding publications if data is used]

  • Spanish Civil War and pre-war Dataset (Balcells 2017)
  • Technologies of Rebellion Dataset (TR) (Kalyvas and Balcells 2010) 
  • Memorias de la Guerra Civil y el Franquismo [CIS2760 Survey] (Aguilar, Balcells, and  Cebolla 2011)
  • PRIO100 Technologies of Rebellion Dataset (PRIO100) (Balcells and Kalyvas 2014)
  • Spanish Purged Schoolteachers Dataset (Balcells and Villamil 2020)
  • Rebel Organization Alliance Dataset  (ROAD) (Balcells, Chen, and Pischedda 2022) 
  • Street name changes in Spain Dataset (Villamil and Balcells 2021)
  • Transitional Justice Museums Database (TJMD) (with Elsa Voytas) [forthcoming]
  • Self-rule Referenda Dataset (with Kathleen Cunningham and Harriet Goers) [forthcoming]

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